Rob Zombie Red Hot Arrow Sign Mod

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  • This Red Hot Arrow Sign mod moves the existing sign from under the habit trail to a higher more visible location.
  • Warm white LEDs provide bright even lighting that back lights the Red Hot Sign. The sign is lit whenever the GI is on.
  • The sign back lighting is contained in a custom designed back box so the game retains it's dark feel and the light only shines where it needs to, through the sign. 
  • 8 warm white LEDs light up the arrow.
  • The arrow blinks when ever the right orbit shot should be made.
  • No soldering or permanent modifications are required.



This is a 4 piece mod that comes with the following hardware: Arrow and Sign housing, Mounting bracket, and 2 alligator clip power cables.

This mod does not include the adult or family version of the plastic sign.