Jurassic Park Smart Scoop Lighting Mod - Single Scoop Kit

Tim's Pinball Mods


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  • Interactive red lava like LED strip light your scoop from below.
  • Scoop flashes when the game wants you to aim for the scoop shot.
  • Rate of flash speed can be adjusted from a slow flash to a strobe type flash.
  • Smart Scoop Lighting comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions with lots of photos.
  • No soldering or permanent modifications are required.
  • Mod is completely reversible.

Operation of the Smart Scoop Lighting is as follows:

 - Flashing Smart Scoop Lighting can be installed on any one of the 3 scoops to give a clear visual indication of what shot the player should aim for.


This is a 3 piece mod that comes with the following hardware: (1) T.I.L.T. Mods Basic S2F controller board, (1) main power cable, (1) Red LED Strip and of course instructions.