Jurassic Park Raptor Crate with Moving Raptor

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This Raptor Crate has been accurately recreated based on the opening scene in Jurassic Park. It will include a Raptor that moves when activated and also a bright white flashing light that simulates the Raptor being shocked by the security team after it grabs the handler.


  • This true to the movie, 3D printed, hand painted, and hand assembled Moving Raptor Crate mod sits in the back corner.
  • It interacts with gameplay and is activated when the raptor kickback shot is hit.
  • Mounts using existing hardware in the game.
  • The Moving Raptor Crate mod comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions with lots of photos.
  • No soldering or permanent modifications are required. On board fuse is included.

Operation of the raptor crate is as follows:

 - The LED strip in the crate strobes anytime the DANGER lamp associated with the raptor kickback shot is lit.

 - The Raptor inside the crate jumps out and moves side to side a few times before he ducks back inside the crate.


This is a 3 piece mod that comes with the following hardware: Raptor Crate, main power cable, and T.I.L.T. Mods Servo Controller Board that includes all the circuitry and software.